Dec 5, 2011

Ode to a Dress..

Oh, this takes me back...

My mother bought it for me right before I left to go study fashion design in Buenos Aires. That was back in 2007, when Forever 21 finally changed their look and became the amazing store where I go in and have to buy at least 2 dresses. I found this dress--which would later become an iconic dress for me--an evident Missoni rip off from F21 spring/summer collection.  I was instantly drawn to it by its amazing colors which I often associate with an Argentine candy label (Rhodesia), and remember not being sure if it was a shirt or a dress.  Since I love mini dresses, obviously that's how I sported it around the world with me on an incredible number of trips, through an embarrassing amount of boyfriends,  and overall its just been my companion and overall "feel good" dress for the past 5 years.  Below are just a few of the images I found of me in the dress, doing random things, in random places.

Road trip to Cordoba

 Backstage at my first runway show in Buenos Aires

After my first tango performance in BsAs.  Yes, my hair IS covered in white chocolate.

All Soul's Procession 2010

Road trip to La Plata

Chocolate shopping in Bariloche

Shooting down bad guys with my sister-in-law

Capoeira with Atabaque.

Balcony in Buenos Aires Apt.

Avenida de Mayo 

Awesome dress, I just wanted to say...thank you! : )