May 25, 2012

Ideal three day weekend packing

In honor of memorial day weekend, I'm making this travel blog post about how to pack for a long weekend.  

As always, with packing light the number one rule is--keep it simple.  Depending on what type of activities you'll be enjoying, pick two pairs of shoes to take.

1) I suggest one pair of flats since they are comfortable and can be dressed up or down (also makes it easy to get through airport security).

As an extra pair I usually travel with my Chucks, or if I know I have a more formal even, a light weight pair of heels that are easy to match.  If I'm planning a more adventurous weekend, then my second pair would be my running/hiking shoes.

2) Layer it up!!  Layers keep your life simple and give you the most versatility.  Take a lightweight dress, tees, tank top, and then layering button up shirts or cardigans, vests or light weight jackets.  These pieces add many options to your outfit combinations and also much needed character to your "traveler"look.

**Light knit scarves are great as tops, skirts, sarongs, or dresses depending on how you wrap them around yourself. This is a trendy accessory and VERY versatile!

If you're not sure what the weather will be like, I always like to take tights and light-weight water proof jackets (even better if they have a hoodie)  because they are easy and light to pack and can turn any summer outfit into a comfy, warm ensemble!

**Also think about pockets-- any shirts or jackets with pockets make traveling through airports, train stations, or urban areas a breeze.  You can keep your passport/id/cc/cash handy and not scramble for them every time.

Any reversible or change of length skirts/dresses are also ideal...check out for some great options!

3)  Take plenty of underwear in case you get stranded anywhere and 2 bras (1 light 1 dark) one preferably that can convert into strapless, or with changeable straps.  These can be stuffed into shoes, side pockets, etc--very easy to pack extras!

Also, if you're taking a more adventurous trip, your underwear can be the only pretty/delicate thing you take, you know...just in case.... ; )

4) Let's talk bags:  Ideally you could take one.  I like to pack for my short trips in a duffel bag and include a small purse inside to use later in case I just need a few things with me at a time.  Make sure your camera fits inside the purse!!! otherwise that's another thing to lug around your neck...

5) ACCESSORIES!!  Keep them to 3-4 pieces, they don't take up much room so you can pack more if you wish.  Careful what you choose for the airport, it's annoying to take off bangles at security check points...

Chances are you'll be wearing the same statement pieces if you have favorites so simply pack what you KNOW you'll wear. Plus, this is a fun thing to buy during a trip--bracelets, earrings, necklaces--take note of the local trend and update your style!

***Gather everything and put it on your bed before starting to pack.  Think to yourself--am I really going to wear this?  If you even hesitate, take it off the pile.  I always edit my choices a couple of times--and THEN start packing.

Happy Travels!

***Submit a picture of your travel gear and your travel suggestions to and be featured in the follow up article!